On Layout (Part 2)

November 28, 2010 — Leave a comment

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

So, I am in the middle of layout for Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Winter/Spring 2011. Last blog was about the joys, and/or monotony of drafting a book on a computer. Basically, I hunch over here, in front of my laptop, and stare at a computer screen until my eyes feel like large, dry, fleshy sacks in my skull. Like raisins, but more … well … fleshy.

Well, after I’m finished with laying out this bad mamma-jamma (which should be the case in a little less than 3 days), I’ll compile everything in a package of files with the cover art that’s been created and send it off to the printer. Then they’ll print it with 100% accuracy from the files I’ve delivered. Seriously, if I insert a weird smudge in the upper left hand corner of page 128, it’ll be in the final product. Or the proof at the very least. Chris will probably find it and make me remove it for the second proof.

This, of course, was not always the case. We all know who Johannes Gutenberg is. He developed two incredibly important processes about 550 years ago (give or take a decade)

The first process was typesetting, which is essentially what I’m doing right now. Now, I say essentially, because my goal has some very incredibly tenuous resemblance to the goal of the original typesetters. Basically, our entire object is to make our book as readable and beautiful as possible.

That’s where the similarity ends. Original typesetting was grueling, painstaking work. You would assemble the words from a manuscript with small metal letters. In reverse. What I do is simply child’s play compared to what must have gone into the original 42 Line Bible.

But, I will say this, what came out of that long, detailed work is truly a piece of art. I mean, you could have just typed drivel for pages upon pages, and the craftsmanship of the original books would have stood on their own.

So, next week, I’m not sure what we’ll be moving onto. We’re going to try and have some Q&As with our various authors, so look out for those. Also, we’ll hopefully have an entry by our editor, Chris Gabrysch.

Until then, an author of ours, Sean C. Wright, is doing a reading December 7th at Paperback’s Plus (upstairs) with the, drumroll please, Writer’s Garret. It looks like there will also be some very interesting writers doing some readings. Chris and I will be there with bells on.

Well, not literally. But we will be nicely dressed.


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