Three Major Milestones in ONE WEEK

December 8, 2010 — 1 Comment

So, as you can imagine, it’s been a busy one here at Twit Publishing.

1st Milestone: Chris and I went to a book reading for one our author’s. This was actually the first reading from TPPP Summer/Fall 2010. Sean C. Williams read from her story “Devil Does Dallas.” I never thought I’d be so nervous to watch someone else stand for group speaking.

2nd Milestone: Twit Publishing will be at the Staple Independent Media Expo in Austin, Texas March 5-6. This is our first convention and we’re fucking stoked.

3rd Milestone: WE SUBMITTED OUR SECOND BOOK FOR PRINTING. That’s right, folks: lightning struck twice.

Here are some pics of the first few pages:

All right, gotta run. Still have a few final things to take care of. By the end of the next week we’ll have be reading through the proofs one space at a time, looking for the inevitable error or typo. And, unfortunately, there won’t be much time for anything else.

(EDIT – Note on the strikethroughs… the irony of having to fix typos in the paragraph discussing the correcting of typos is not lost on me. -Craig)


One response to Three Major Milestones in ONE WEEK


    Congrats on the second printing. Hope the next one does as well! (And yes, I’m saying that because I’m included in it. But I also like it when the indie publishers thrive.)

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