“What we mean when we talk about Pulp”

December 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

When we originally set out to make our first anthology available, Chris and I immediately seized on the idea of “PULP!” in pretty much its current form. Seriously. It was like Athena to our Zeus.

Now, the way this anthology was originally envisioned, it was never meant to be art. Art, to me, is sometimes a bad word. It’s divisive and, in my opinion, sometimes very limiting. Pulp is not art. These anthologies are not art.

They’re just stories. Good stories, mind you, but just stories. Very rarely will you see epiphanies, explorations of truth, or our inability to connect with each other even though we have grown increasingly more connected.

Instead you get demons, guns, super heroes, space ships, detectives, sex, drugs, rock n’ roll and zombies. Because this is popular fiction, which has its seed in the dime store novels, penny dreadfuls, and pulp magazines.

Another thing is that we’re releasing these as print-on-demand books, e-books, and smart phone apps.

Those formats are, like it or not, the new pulp.

So I guess that makes us the new pulp too.

– – –

P. S. I knowingly ripped that title off from Raymond Carver.


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