In the beginning

January 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s so easy to write blogs. Seriously, I can write it about something as simple as the ease with which a small business can conduct business in the state of Texas. I went into the state comptroller office today and received a tax id within 15 minutes. The episode took a total of one hour, and 40 minutes was drive time.

I recently wrote about the “pee in my pants” elation of getting a web banner on a convention web page. It’s these little things that really count. They’re what make for good blogs. They’re the baby-steps that make me so fucking excited I can barely sleep at night. They’re the baby-steps that keep me blogging late into the night.

But, I worry that at some point these baby-steps just simply won’t matter as much. Some day, hopefully, my company will be up and running on its own two legs. And, that will end up being one of those days that I’m just not as excited about my company’s web banner ending up on a convention’s website.

And that’ll be one of those really, incredibly fucking sad days. One of those days, when you realize that your endeavor is moving from an infant to a kindergartner. I’ll probably never be a dad. It’s just not in the cards. But, this company is like my baby . . . my little pulpy, hard-boiled baby.

Someday, though, I just won’t have much to blog about.

What will I write about? How our TPS reports were just fine (as an aside, this is a reference to the movie Office Space. I’m a Business Administration student, though, and discovered that TPS reports ARE FUCKING REAL. I remember my brother asking me what I was studying during my Information Systems class, and I told him TPS reports. He was aghast as well. Just thought I’d share that)?

I just dunno what I’ll write about.


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