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I’m kind of tipsy right now, hence the giant all caps title thing.

That, and I’m super excited by putting out our first interview. This, for some reason, makes me very publisher-feeling. Now, on top of this, I get to have this guy at a reading for our release party on Jan. 31. Do you know how giddy I am right now? I’m super fucking giddy. Like pee my pants giddy.

So, here we go. I’m putting this out in 2 parts, just because it’s a little too long to read by itself. In the future, I may release these Q&As in smaller sections. Dunno. Let me know how it reads.

First question:

Why do you write?

I write because, I believe, it is in some way what I’ve always done. I remember crawling around in my bed pretending to be a caged lion, I am a Leo, and imagining this whole story about his life. I did “The Wild” before Hollywood did, in my head, a long time ago.

I write because there is always the question … “what if?” What the fuck if walking corpses over ran the world? What if some kid found the fountain of youth? What if Cthulhu actually invaded the minds of men and created diabolical institutions like the Catholic Church? What if Zombies and Vampires and Werewolves ran the earth? I can tell you this, you will never see zombies all dressed up for the prom. But, what if?

I write because There is always a story to be told. I have half a dozen spinning in my head at any one time. Sometimes I will open this one and dance with it for a few thousand words, at other times I will dance with something else. But they are distinct entities with their own wants and needs and demands on my mind.

And that’s not to mention the stuff, like this question, that I get to write. Blogs, one of which I am composing in my head as I write this, challenge you to take action. Write now, you must. And you must not falter, you must not fail. “Write like Jay-Z raps,” I think. One take that bitch. There  will always be that level of writing for me. The deadline, the demand on the presentation. You have to say what you mean, read and refine that and then submit it almost immediately.

I write because it requires skill, forethought and work. You have to hone this craft like you hone your skills at any other art and craft. Even if you are as colloquial as I am, there is still a path you must tread.
I write because I love it. It’s a passion and a pain. I avoid it with booze and bitches and I lance it like a psychological boil.

I write because I can’t have relief until the pressure is off. and the white space is filled with rows of evenly formatted little black letters.

Uhhhh… so it’s definitely a need for you then? Do you ever hit a writer’s block then? You’re definitely more prolific than I am. I go months without typing on a story.

Writers block? Rarely as such. I will hit a wall on a story now and then. I have a few stories I’ve been tweaking here and there for years and I can say I loose my way sometimes. But I can always pick up the pen and write something. I have 3 blogs numerous stories, one novel and two pen pals I am writing. There is always something to write for some reason. I am branching into freelance writing; I write ads and copy for a professional escort, as an example, and I hope to be writing proposals for this not for profit organization soon. There is a lot of work to be done, so there is always room to write. I don’t think writers block is my issue.

Who would you say your greatest writing influence is?

My greatest writing influences would have to be Stephen King, being my favorite fiction writer, and Margret Weiss and Tracy Hickman who wrote quite a few of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons novels. I read these writers constantly as a kid and, even with all of the other stuff I read and have read, I still love their work most.

A man after my own heart. We keep hearing the Dungeons & Dragons influence from a lot of our writers. Do you have any fantasy inspired stuff in the works?

Yes I do actually have an epic fantasy brewing. It’s this grand story about the rise of the Dragon King. He’s a young warrior in the beginning. He’s a brave defender of his house, a warrior of renown, a bit too much renown. He’s sent off by his house into the Faul. There he is guided and trained by the monks who live there. then, of course, all hell breaks loose, the land is somehow plunged into war and this guy, the Dragon King, His Highness Sargonnas Laruthian Drakolya, saves the day … in a Blitzkrieg, Big Brother sort of way.

It’s the Vader story. It’s the, “how did the “Bag Guy” get so bad in the first place?” kinda story. But I assure you that it’s properly epic.

Would you say most of your protagonists are non-heroic characters?

I wouldn’t say that my protagonists are non-heroic characters. But most everyone else might say so. Michael Mallory wasn’t even really the driving force behind the story that bears his name, that Delancy prick was; and that sucker needs some work in the like able department.And then there is the girl who burns the house down while her mom is having a tea party. I am writing a novella about a demon whose been haunting this family for generations. The main plot is around a family member who’s an ex porn recruiter. Echo Side has some extra fun with this one, in the world between ours and theirs.

I think I am writing some heroic characters, but those stories aren’t finished and so it all remains to be seen.

When did you start writing?

I was around eight when I wrote my first story. It was a horrible attempt at a first novel. It was about super vampires fighting for control of the nation. There was a lot of destruction to city and private property, like in a good comic book, but no one really got killed, like in the old GI Joe cartoons. It came out all at once. Most of my favorite stuff comes out all at once. And I remember all of the stories I’ve ever written. I often think to revisit some of the old tales and put a more mature pen on them. In a way though I don’t want to loose that personal feeling I have for the story.

Over the years I’ve moved from one form of writing to another, but I don’t think I’ve ever fully quit. Even if it was only correspondence, I always find reason to write. Now, it seems, I have a good chance of doing this for a living. It’s a pretty cool thought.

Honestly, the plot reminds me of The Passage. What that says about either work is left to someone else to decide.

What’s your favorite story you’ve written?

I’ve never read The Passage but I did just add it to my page.

I can’t say I have a hands down favorite. I am working on one based on the Hellraiser Mythos that I like quite a bit. I am constantly going back to “Echo Side” and giving that fucker a read through and once over. I wrote a story called “A Mothers Sorrow” once about SIDS and a cat/demon that fed on baby’s breath. I thought that was a cool idea. It was a sad story written with the intention of making women cry. I am pretty thrilled by the novel I’m working on and I love my most recent story “After it All Ends” in An Honest Lie Volume 2: Delusions of Insignificance. It’s a story about love and loss and stupidity; mostly stupidity I think. Then there is “The First Law of Diabolics”, which I am calling my “Stand by Me” story.

– – – – – – –

End of interview. Look back in a day or two for the conclusion of the Davin Kimble interview.

It’s going to be awesome. I hate claiming that, but I have to. It’s in my contract with Twit Publishing. Forgive any typos, by the way. I’m not the editor.


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