Q & A with Davin Kimble – Conclusion

January 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

So, do you have an . . . uh . . . issue with women? I’m not ragging on you or anything, but the women in the stories we’ve published (A Remarkable Picture and The Truth About Michael Mallory), the women are all presages of evil or lead to the inevitable downfall of the protagonist. Then there’s the SIDS story . . . and . . . well . . . you get what I’m saying, right?

Hummm, I never really thought about it from that perspective. A lot of the women in my stories are catalysts or culprits. I have great, very great, relationships with the women in my life so there isn’t some underlying misogyny to the way I write those characters. I never write about the women in my life, not in stories. I often, I believe, write women in because my protagonists are usually men and the dichotomy you can create when exploring the natural relationship progression is irresistible.I do find the hard cases, and the slightly odd women the most attractive. Growing up there were the fantasies about demon chicks and witches, all beautiful and all powerful of course.

The woman in “A Remarkable Picture” for instance was just written in as the story progressed. She was simply the woman I saw behind the counter when our protagonist opened the door. She was sexy and sweaty from the heat and she spoke with a slight lisp. I don’t know how she ended up at the end, or that she’s really a big part of what happened in the mine, she just appeared and I never wrote her out. I think most of my characters happen that way, they are the people in the rooms in my head. Sometimes they get to come out and live in a tale.

Do you ever include the same character in more than one story? Somebody that comes out so plain, clear, and well-formed that they just desperately need to be used again and again? If only to give them more breathing space?

I did once. I had a series of stories that featured this vampire named Marqui. He would pop up in other stories now and then as would his lover and partner in crime Xouxanna the witch. I love the idea of these characters and their twisted ideas of morality and their love and lust for the living.I often think about those characters and I figure if I ever go backwards to writing vampire tales again they definitely will feature Marqui in them prominently. Chances are though that they will remain fond friends and some bit of them, like some bit of me, will wind up in some other character some place later.

I tend to move forward with new characters, new settings and new stories these days. It’s a huge help to my writing to keep it fresh. There are characters and stories vying for my attention all of the time and I just can’t set them all aside while I revitalize players that have already had their time.

We talked about your favorite author… who is your favorite character?

Oh wow. that is truly a tough question to answer.

Raistlin, Drizzit, Gandalf, and Perseus. Then there is that Jack cat from the Tom Clancy books the one who is pretty much Sam Fisher in the video games. And Wolverine, and Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse and Batman. Liono and Afro Samurai, there’s that kid from the Blue Adept series by Piers Anthony.

I suppose, if I had to choose one all time favorite character it would have to be  “The Gunslinger”. Roland Deschain is the most determined son of a bitch.

I like how Perseus is included in that list. All right, any final thoughts before I start publishing this thing?

Support your local small presses. We do this out of the love for the medium and for the love of good stories. If you also enjoy a great story, when you are heading to Half Price Books to pick up a new tale, when you are downloading Oprah’s book of the month, remember us and send a few dollars our way. All of the big publishers you love started somewhere in someone’s community. Allow us to show you what we can do, give us the opportunity to earn your love and support as well. We’re worth it. I can promise you.


Davin Kimble is the author of multiple short stories, including two in the Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! series. Find out more about Davin at his website.


And that’s all, folks!

Don’t forget, our book release party is only two days away. Find details here. And, on top of that, PULP! Winter/Spring 2011 will be officially released on Tuesday.



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