C Griffith Knowles – Conclusion – Part 3 of 3

February 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

Oh yeah, All-Con is “Steampunk” this year. Which, Chris and I will be appearing at, by the way.

Never caught Detective Conan that I can recall. Cowboy Bebop is certainly a masterpiece.

So, what do you geek out over? Note: I could never be truly a full-fledged geek because I just don’t geek out. It’s not in my nature.

These days? Mostly TV. I ran that papercraft site for a while, but I’ve really lost the urge to build stuff. That alone, I think, grants me nerdy diplomatic immunity for at least a few years. Like I said, I get into the video games, love some nerdy TV shows (Doctor Who, Eureka, et cetera). It’s kind of tough to categorize your somewhat questionable hobbies. For the sake of accuracy, I want to be as thorough as possible, but the part of my brain that enjoys meeting women is weighing heavy on my shutting the hell up about all of it.

He doesn’t really run the show, though.
So, how old are you anyway? And what name do you go by in general conversation? We call you Carlton around the house.

I seem to recall supplying my age in a “short bio” that didn’t actually get used in the anthology. Anyway, I’m 24.

And that’s rather clever of you. I’ve been using C. Griffith as a pen name, but anyone who knows me personally thinks it’s completely ridiculous that I go by my middle name. They all say I’m much more of a “Carlton.” I guess that has some connotations of pomp. I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy sweater vests and a tobacco pipe.
I’ve had a remarkable number of nicknames in my time, even so far as one guy who referred to me as Mary, because I said I didn’t care what he called me, as long as he told me what it was, so I’d know he was referring to me. I think my favorite was always Corndog, though “Cartown” Has been very popular over the years. Interestingly though, I never liked Carl. My grandfather went by Carl, and it just always felt weird to me.

Let me correct my last statement. I actually refer to you as Carlton around the house. I’ve discovered that I have to immediately refer to you as C. Griffiith Knowles or no one else knows who the fuck I’m talking about.

I can understand the weird nicknames. Someone in high school nicknamed me Weaselly. Seriously. Weaselly. So I feel your pain.

And, as far as the bio goes, I’d completely forgotten we had that on file somewhere. Originally, I wanted to include short bios on all the authors. Then we realized that all the authors hadn’t supplied said bios. So, they got the boot. It was primarily a design decision. I would have loved to have them in there, just so readers could connect a little with the authors . . . but, well, it would have been weird if they could only connect with a few of them.

So, any final thoughts? I have no idea where we were going with this entire conversation, other than trying to get people to like your story more.

I was kind of hoping to get the chance to talk about how much nicotine, music, walking, and time spent in the bathtub goes into my writing process, but I supposed I just did, so I’m satisfied, unless you have any more questions.



C. Griffith Knowles story “Over the Sahara” was first featured in Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Summer/Fall 2010. It can be found in print on Amazon.com, and in ebook format through most online distributors. For a complete listing, visit TwitPublishing.com.


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