STAPLE! was a blast. I’d add an excalamation point here, but there’s already one in the convention’s name.

March 8, 2011 — 3 Comments

Staple! was, as the title suggests, a wonderful, great, amazing, totally kick-ass, once-in-a-lifetime, sweeter-than-cheap-wine experience.

Chris and I had an amazing time and met some incredibly awesome people that (get this) actually feel the same way about creating their own product. Not only that, but we had the opportunity to meet some equally amazing people who go to these conventions and actively seek out creators like ourselves. If you’re not a creator yourself, the only thing I can think of that’s comparable is meeting a girl or guy that has the EXACT same obsession you do with obscure 1930s Welsh pornography. Or Russian Communist art from the Stalin Era. Or bootlegged Star Trek episodes dubbed into Cantonese. Imagine you met a hundred people like that. People who really GOT your weird hobby.

Wouldn’t that just be the fucking coolest?

So, high points of our weekend were this:

1. Biggest high point – We SOLD BOOKS. There are now

Cyril is the gentleman that looks nothing like me or Chris.

people who know about us because THEY HAVE OUR BOOKS ON THEIR BOOKSHELVES. That is so freaking awesome. It makes me all tingly in parts I’m not allowed to speak of.

2. We met one of our authors for the first time. Cyril Young, Jr. (author of “The Schitzel Connection”). This man was freaking amazing. He told us that we’d, “inspired him to write more short stories.” To be an inspiration to someone is, by far, one of my greatest accomplishments. Strangely, it’s an inspiration to me in its own right. I felt all tingly for hours after our meeting.

3. We are officially available at Austin Books & Comics. That’s right, we’re available in a book store outside Dallas/Fort-Worth. We’re a small, micro-publisher putting out stuff that we LOVE, and people appreciate it.

4. We met another small-press like ourselves – Literati Press. It was amazingly gratifying to be able to trade books with someone who understand where we were coming from. It was also amazingly gratifying to trade experience with someone in the industry. Print-on-Demand micropublishers are relatively new. We have no industry groups that I know of. We do our own thing, operating in our own little world. It’s awesome when you bump into someone doing the same thing.

5. In addition to the strict prose wonderfulness that we experienced, there was also the awesomely kick ass supportive indie comic creators we met. They didn’t shun us because we didn’t have pictures. They didn’t shun us because we’re not artists (though, Chris’s sketches are quite inspired, if I might say so myself). They were supportive and wonderful guys. If they were sports gear, they’d have been jock straps.

The following are two guys who really stuck out to me.

Anthony RezendesCranium ComicsBrawn is about a dock worker who gets fired from his job, then wakes up the next day with a metal arm and a metal leg. Yeah, I know, sounds very comic-bookish. BUT – seriously – what the fuck would you do if you woke up with a metal arm and metal leg one morning and had no idea how it got there? That link, by the way, goes directly to a bio on the character.

Anthony was at the next table over, and was a joy. We kept getting kind of tipsy at the full bar and knocking shwag off his table. He did not scream at us once, nor did he threaten us in anyway. In fact, he was quite pleasant to chat with. For this reason, I am going to order his comic books. Also, I’m going to go so far as recommend that you do the same. Anthony is a bad ass.

Dan PriceLatex Avenger – What can I say? Dan writes an amusing foul-mouthed comic about a man dressed as a condom. He’s also very jaded. He refuses to serve virgins (seriously, he told one to step away from his booth because the guy asked what a condom was for).

Chris and I liked him.

Last, but certainly not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to The Taffeta Darling. She helped work the table with my brother and I, and was amazing and wonderfully tolerant of us. If she hadn’t been along, it’s likely he and I would have just killed each other right there on the convention floor.


Apologies to anyone I may have missed. There were a lot of really great people there this weekend, and there’s no way I could mention all of them.

Final thoughts? Can’t wait to do this again next year.


3 responses to STAPLE! was a blast. I’d add an excalamation point here, but there’s already one in the convention’s name.


    I’m a good distraction from brutal violence!

    thank you guys!!!


    Your cackle still haunts me to this day.

    I awoke to the sounds of screams last night. They were my own. Jill said I was just mumbling “the cackle, the cackle, dear god the cackle.”

    Thanks again, Taf!


    I’m not jaded, just realistic! Great meeting you guys and thanks for the copy of PULP! Looking forward to hanging with you guys at a future show!


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