Post-All-Con 2011 . . . post?

March 22, 2011 — 3 Comments

Grammatically speaking, the title of this blog is correct and accurate.

Besides, it’s Twit Publishing’s blog. And I run the blog. I do what I want.

Now, to the point:


All-Con 2011 was a BLAST! Chris and I had a really great time and even managed to get a heap of work done during the lull times. We sold some books, debuted our idea for direct ebook sales, met

I'm a huge Jim Butcher fan, and so is my girlfriend. This photo was as much for her as it was for me.

some really great new customers, and even met some of our peers. All in all, it was an exciting three days.

Also, we saw some amazing costumes. I’m only going to post one of them, even though I have plenty of pictures.

So, like I did with Staple!, I’m going to post our shout outs:

Hobbes End Publishing These guys inspire me. They’ve been doing the small publishing thing for the last five years and recently got to quit their day jobs and focus on just publishing. My brother and I high-fived over this ACTUALLY BEING POSSIBLE.

Candy on a Plane If you have kids or love graphic novels that are independently created, check out Alyssa Lee’s first graphic novel. Her and her friends were stuck next to me and Chris, and made it through the weekend completely unscathed. They were great table-neighbors.

Neither Noir Our friends and sometime collaborators. They were down the hall from us, and doing a good clip of business taking photographs of costumed convention goers. Everyone there was great and wonderful and blah blah blah some other adjectives. But, seriously, check them out.

I know I’m leaving people out, and it’s probably because your business card is stuffed in unreachable corner of my satchel (it’s like the Twilight Zone in there. I was going through it the other day and found Rod Serling just hanging out monologuing. I’d been wondering why it smelled so strongly of cigarettes). So, if you do run into this blog and remember meeting me, send a message or leave a comment and I’ll do a secondary post or something.

All in all, All-Con was great. Chris and I have already decided on going again next year.

Finally, thanks to all the new fans we’ve made! You guys really do keep this exciting for us.



3 responses to Post-All-Con 2011 . . . post?


    All-Con was a blast, despite the fact that I drank too much beer. Hope all is going well!


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