Girls Were Naked . . . and they read our stories

April 25, 2011 — 4 Comments

Chris and I had the privilege of attending an event in Dallas named “Naked Girls Reading: Pulp Fiction.”

We attended because, well, they read two of our short stories (Devil Does Dallas and A Shot in the Dark).

I remember seeing one of my author’s read for the first time to a group of people. My heart welled with pride. I also remember watching one of my author’s read to a crowded bar. My heart welled with pride that time, as well.

As I think back on Sautrday night, my heart welled up with something else, something completely different, as I watched two gorgeous women reading from my books. It was one part pride, one part respect, one part something akin to lust, but not really.

They only read excerpts of course, but the amount of laughter, audible cringing, and surprise that was heard in the audience was completely worthwhile and WONDERFUL.

Thank you, Naked Girls Reading! And, particularly, thank you Black Mariah for getting us turned on to this event and helping us out!

4 responses to Girls Were Naked . . . and they read our stories


    Congrats!! It’s so exciting to see Twit Publishing taking off…not that there was any doubt 🙂 We’re proud of you! -Connie


    Believe me, Connie, them chicken’s ain’t getting counted till they’re hatched. That’s for DAMN sure.


    Really? Naked girls read my story? And no one told me?! Please tell me someone had the good grace and foresight to document this event…


      Um, yeah. No pictures allowed.

      It was hot, though. She was all dressed up as a gangster. You got ohs and ahs from your story, particularly when they read the part about the detective grabbing the brothel owner’s balls.

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