Great Transmedia Post from Mike Jones

May 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

Figured this was nascent considering the post I made on Transmedia.

One of my more favorite quotes from the Mike Jones’ blog:

It doesn’t matter the medium, Story is still predicated on causality – cause and effect, one thing causes another in sequence. Thus I find that Non-linear is a misnomer and misdirected obsession in Transmedia. The much more applicable and useful term is Parallel. At one such conference i attended, a panellist made the comment that “life isn’t linear why should stories be?”  which struck me as an entirely ill-conceived and immature statement. Indeed Life IS Linear. It is completely and entirely and utterly and profoundly Linear! It moves in one progressive direction, each action triggers a subsequent dilemma leading to more actions. Birth as inciting incident, death as the conclusion. In between there is sequential and progressive struggle, obstacle, tension and release. Examples such as these point to a blinding effort by too many Transmedia aficionados to desperately exert and promote Difference, rather than more soberly identify connection and extension.

If the Transmedia hype make you a little queasy, you should go check it out.

Or, if the Transmedia hype gets you exited, you should go check it out.

Finally, if you just want to see how new ideas evolve in America’s thought space (for good or ill), this post is for you.


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