So we took the plunge . . . Twit is now on Twitter

May 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

This blog is really to announce that, yes, we’re on Twitter now.

It’s also to kind of rattle off some thoughts.

Twitter is, right now, somewhat ephemeral. You can only see a little over 3000 tweets in a person’s history. Which, if you’re posting a bajillion a day, is like nothing. I mean, if I posted 20 a day, that’d be (365 x 20=7300) only a 6 monthish history.

It’s also different from a blog. But, it of course, works hand in hand, just as many internet things do. Think of it as the short story to the blog’s novel. With only 140 characters, a thought needs to be concise. So, it’s good for linking back here and keeping in constant contact with nice, neat little thoughts or links to other places.

The biggest problem that I see, though, is that twitter gives an onus to the user to be frequent. What I mean is, I can’t skip out on a week of twitter like I do with this blog. I need to stay current, on the ball, always pushing forward. Which, to me, kinda sucks (particularly when I’m blogging for Twit Publishing). There’s only so much I can really tweet about when it comes to staying strictly on message for the company.

I guess I’ll have to branch out to areas other than what I normally cover.

Over all, I’d say it’s likely a better tool for marketing the company and reaching out to our fans . . . but . . . look, I’m trying to get excited here. I’m REALLY REALLY trying. Bear with me.

Let me give it another try.

So follow us on Twitter! Yeah!

Is that better?


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