Regarding why we hustle so hard on marketing the publisher

June 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

Twit Publishing has, so far, only released two books (with a third on the way, of course). They’ve both been anthologies. Soon, we’ll be releasing another project that will move us more into the realm of full-length prose. But, we’re going to keep doing the anthologies. Chris and I enjoy it too much to stop.

But, it’s kind of interesting. We’ve basically been releasing semiannual literary magazines that aren’t advertisement supported. These aren’t periodicals, they’re full length books. But, for the price, the reader gets a whopping 60,000+ words of short story goodness.

And I like the way we’ve chosen to do this. I hate advertisers. If I can avoid working with someone who is able to control my content by withdrawing funding, I will. Hopefully we never have to work with advertisers.

I think that, honestly, with the advent of ebooks, we’ll start to see an increase in the sales of our anthology formats (available here and here, in case you’re wondering. They’re a steal at $1.99 and $2.99). They’re stories that are fun to read, quick, and then you can put it away while still getting a feeling of closure. Perfect for lunch breaks, waiting in doctor’s offices, sitting on trains, etc. Perfect for 21st century life, basically.

Did I mention we got a swell review of the second book recently?

The upside of our anthologies also are that they contain so many different genres. What other anthology gives you westerns, sci/fi, and detective ficiton side-by-side? Or horror and fantasy?

Also, for me, what’s really been cool is that we’re giving new writers a venue. We’re also able to provide feedback and direction in their writing, and help them with crafting longer works. We’re kicking it old school that way.

So that’s why I blog and do twitter and facebook and all that other crap. We’re really doing it to promote the anthologies. Anthologies and literary magazines are weird, in that we don’t necessarily have steady authors. Sure, we may have recurring authors, but that’s not the same. All we’ve got is a really great editor that has the sole creative license of selecting the stories he wants in the anthology. We don’t get the benefit of the cult of personality that authors do.

We just get a strong format, presentation, and hustle.


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