Finishing Summer/Fall 2011

June 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

We’re sooooo close to being finished. Only about a third of the work left to complete. So I’m taking a break and posting a quick blog here.

Our proofing works this way:

1. We receive a proof copy. Chris and I ooh and aah over it for about fifteen minutes.

2. Chris begins the proofing, red pen in hand. He goes through, line-by-line checking for errors. He makes the changes in bright red ink. He checks for widows and orphans.

3. After Chris is finished, I get the book. I go through and try to catch any errors he may have missed. I also check for formatting errors, making sure everything looks the way it should. I check for widows and orphans too.

4. I enter the changes, marking any additional changes that I make to the book in red ink..

5. After it’s completed, Chris and I both go through the new digital copy line-by-line again to ensure all the changes were made. This is normally done with one us calling out page numbers and what changes should have been while the other scrolls through the digital copy.

6. We send it back off, hoping that we didn’t miss anything. We’ve averaged only one error between two books (that we can find, at least). Which is pretty fucking good by most standards.

As an aside, if you have ever caught an error in one of our books, please email me at craig at

I’ll start compiling them for correction in a second edition at some point down the line.


Also, here’s a copy of the cover for our newest book, a crime noir novel. More details will be coming in the next couple weeks.


If you’ve read Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Winter/Spring 2011, then you probably remember Chris O’Grady’s story “Double Take”, starring the criminal Wilder. Well, that’s Wilder on the cover, there.

Like I said, more details coming, including synopsis and release date.

For now, though, it’s back to work!


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