Selling ebooks – a collection of things I’ve been reading

December 23, 2011 — 1 Comment

It’s like the wild west out here in publishing land.

There’s no real rhyme or reason a lot of the following:

  • Pricing
  • Length of books/stories
  • Publishers

These are just some random notes inspired by a bunch of different blogs. Like this one, this one, this guy here, and (strangely enough) this one.

OK, so the first one is the blog for a man named Seth Godin. Here’s a really great video by Mr. Godin on As a side note, if you’ve never watched anything from Ted, do what I did while I was single: get really hammered on a lonely Saturday night and watch about 30 in one night. You’ll have almost a gazillion ways to not be interesting to cute girls the next day (and an awful hangover).

Seth Godin is heading up the project behind the second link. It’s funded by Amazon to find news ways of publishing in the digital age: cheap hardback books, low margin, books moving faster to print. Amazon wants to use the kindle to reposition the book, electronic or otherwise, as the major cultural cornerstone it deserves to be. Or, well, people think it deserves to be. I mean, if the market-place of ideas drive the book out of the cultural sphere in favor of a better form of personal expression, books wouldn’t really deserve that spot anymore. Now would they?

The third one is about 6 maybe future trends in ebooks. Lots of ebooks not being finished reading (which kind of speaks to how shitty future books will be… am I right, or am I right? right?), smaller payments, lots of bloggers writing books, no publishers or editors (which likely means more errors and poor grammar. Now I just sound like I’m sniping), and books that are written quickly and sent to market almost as quickly. Also, lots of books will be shorter. I think we’re going to start seeing 50K as the high end of number of words per book.

Look out! We’re in novella country!

The final one is about Dutch TV hosts slicing meat off their bodies, frying up the flesh, and eating it while looking into each others eyes.

Seriously. Cannibalism is legal in the Netherlands. What an awesome place, right?

But, the reason why I bring this up is the nature of media and entertainment in our culture. I mean. Wow. Just wow.

(thanks to Ryan Sheffield for the last article.)


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