Twit Publishing is embarking on a grand experiment!

January 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

Are we creating a new democracy?

Fuck no!

We’re releasing shit for free! That’s right!


Our first one is mine: “A Knight Templar in Lincoln County.”

Originally released under the Pseudonym Fyodor Gutierrez in the first PULP! book, “A Knight Templar” follows a Templar named Jacob Smith as he fights greedy cattle barons, Billy the Kid, and demons in Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory circa 1872. Think Young Guns with less Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland, bad 80s rock, and more demons and awesome.

Yep: More awesome.

You can also find it on kindle, as a variety of ebooks here, and on wattpad here.

Edit: 3:22 PM 1/16/12 I completely forgot to mention that the Kindle Edition is not, in fact, free. For some reason it’s stuck at .99 cents. If you would like a kindle edition for free, go to the smashwords link and download from there. Seriously, you’re not going to hurt my feelings any.

We’re using my short story as a sort of test case, a way to see what works and doesn’t work when releasing these.

Next, look for Chris O’Grady’s Wilder Short Stories. Much like the Jacob Smith Short Stories, Wilder’s stories are all self-contained, but use the same character. Unlike Jacob Smith, though, these can be read in any particular order. There’s no direct causal relation between the events of one and another.

With a “Knight Templar” we’re releasing them individually and at roughly set intervals. With Chris O’Grady’s, we’ll be releasing them one after the other with about a week’s separation. Those should start popping up the first week of February.

Here’s one of the covers:

Originally released as part of PULP! Winter/Spring 2011. Feels like ages, not just one year.

So that’s our little exciting news! Our goal is to get  as many people reading our catalog as possible. At this point, I don’t really give two jerks about whether or not anyone buys any of it (sorry authors). I want a readership. I want the name Twit Publishing to stand for something.


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