The Glorieta Pass

March 16, 2012 — 6 Comments

Chris and I are super proud of this book. It was a title previously published waaaaay back in 2004 as an ebook. Can you imagine an ebook published eight years ago? Wild.

The Glorieta Pass is a full length novel starring the character Dan Wilder.

Dan Wilder's one bad mother-

Well, Chris and I are incredibly enthused over Glorieta because of three things:

  1. We LOVED the story. I love old crime-noir stuff, and The Glorieta Pass totally fits the bill.
  2. It’s Twit Publishing’s first novel.
  3. We took a lot of care with the PRINT book. Long form ebooks are fine and dandy, but they’re mainly utilitarian. Text flowing after text flowing after text. There’s no style to it. It’s sooooooo…. texty. We let ourselves go wild with the print book because, well, we handle a book fromstart to finish. We don’t outsource much of anything (on this one we outsourced photography and editing for our super cheesy 70’s crime pulp style cover).

Here’s the snyopsis:

Dan Wilder is a professional criminal with no past, no ties, and no responsibilities.

When Wilder shows up a day late for a knock-over job on an underground gambling parlor, he decides to spend his time in the arms of the lovely Glorieta Duncan. But she is a kept woman and her keepers are the most men in Thomaston. Before long, worse gets worst, and someone pins the murder of a cop on Wilder. Now he’s gotta stay one step ahead of Johnny Law while he looks for revenge.

He may be thief and a stick-up artist, but Dan Wilder’s no cop killer.

The Glorieta Pass for kindle and on Smashwords. Print edition here.

6 responses to The Glorieta Pass


    Reblogged this on Amateur Professional and commented:
    Twit Publishing’s first full-length novel, by the excellent Chris O’Grady!

    Patti Beckman July 29, 2012 at 7:01 am

    GREAT COVER!! My husband, Charles Boeckman, wrote for the pulps starting in 1945 under the byline Charles Beckman, Jr. We are now putting together a collection of some of his mystery and detective stories and hope we can get someone one to design a cover as smashing as this one. The color is perfect, the mood is so true to the pulp genre, and the image is stunning. I LOVE IT. The old pulp ingredients of scantly clad damsel in distress and tough guy with a gun. Congratulations.

    Patti Beckman July 29, 2012 at 7:04 am

    Excuse typo above. It should read: …get someone to design…


    Thanks for the referral. l will contact them. By the way, we are practically next door neighbors, Texas style. We’re in Corpus Christi. We are going to post hubby’s book on Amazon when we finish it. We know almost nothing about promotion, so don’t know if anyone will find it. However, we are in touch with a couple of pulp fans with web sites who are eager to help. Seems there are only a few writers from those early days still alive. So the web masters are happy to have an old pro to communicate with. We had no idea until recently that there is such a large fan base of young whipper snappers (Okay, I put that in for a laugh.) loving, reading, and writing pulps. What a hoot! (Another oldie!) We would have put together this anthology years ago if we had only known.


    I would contact the guys at also. Pro Se Press are some really cool guys who have started up a convention and their own good sized fan base.

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