Starting an Anthology: Getting your Short Stories

August 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

Continuing in the vein of this how-to, we’re going to look at what Chris and I did to put together our Dieselpunk anthology. I realize this may sound like common sense, but when Chris and I got into this we had no common sense to go on. There was no Step 1, Step 2 How To guides we could find.

We covered subject matter yesterday, and the certain difficulties that arise from going after a specific sub-genre, so next I wanted to briefly look at getting story submissions.

Firstly, What Not To Do

Don’t go with Craig’s list. Man, we did that the first time, those three long years ago and we didn’t come up with enough stories by deadline. Mind you, we had no web presence, hardly any idea of what we were doing, and not enough writer friends to fill an anthology.

What You Should Do

Make a webpage first. Doesn’t have to be nice or anything (and I’ve seen some awful ones), but you’ll at least need a basic home on the web for your company. Set aside a specific space for submission guidelines.

Done? Good.

Now go to Follow their guidelines and get a story up. This website is quickly becoming the best central depository of non-professional fiction markets on the internet. It’s free, and a great resource for writers and publishers both.

A Final Word

Chris and I used a combination of approaches on this one, where we went to both our current authors and used duotrope. For your first anthology, you probably won’t have an expansive collection of awesome writers like Twit, but you could have access to some writer friends. I highly recommend getting stories from them for several reasons:

  1. Writers that you continually use get used to your editing style
  2. They promote books better than random strangers
  3. They also become emotionally invested in the project

That’s it for now. Need to put out a fire and get to work on another project.

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