Kickstarting Dieselpunk

August 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

Like I said in the first post of this work series on Dieselpunk, Chris and I have made the decision to attempt our first Kickstarter on Dieselpunk: An Anthology. We think it’s a project that serves the community as much as ourselves, and hope that others will want to support our dream.

That said, part of the Kickstarter model is Incentives. We come up with something related to our project that a contributor would enjoy. You have to have a range of them, so everyone who helps fund the goal gets something, even if it’s just a phone call of thanks.

So, below are a few Chris, my neighbor, and I came up with. We’d like some feedback on deciding whether or not to put these in. These may or may not be part of the kickstarter:

  • A Twit Publishing sticker pack.
  • A t-shirt. We could come up with a Dieselpunk shirt or a Twit Publishing shirt.
  • Write a contributers name in a story.
  • Free ebook copy of the anthology.
  • An Original Reader copy
  • The hand-written editor’s notes fo one of our short stories.
  • The whole PULP! series, in addition to a copy of Dieselpunk.
  • A hardboard edition of Dieselpunk
  • The opportunity to take a celebratory shot with the editor and myself via Skype.
  • Lunch with the editor and one of the writers (me).
  • Image and personal note of thanks in the book.
  • I will sit down and type out the whole book using an old school typewriter. You’d pay an outrageous amount of money for that one.

Those are some of our ideas. Some of the ones I omitted wouldn’t make any sense out of  context, but will further down the line. Also, a few of these, like the second from the last, would be a limited package. Only one of those would be available, maybe two. Sames goes for the story edits.

Part of the Kickstarter process is for you, the real patrons of our projects, to have a chance to support something you truly and believe in before it’s completed, and walk away with an amazing experience of piece of history you’ll treasure.

Personally, I think it’s an awesome idea, and one that’ll start bringing indie creators to the fore. It’s a way for people to pay for what they want, and cut out the big-name corporate creators. It’s true anarchist art creation, almost like communal production.

Which, if you think about it, is the most Punk thing out there.

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