Working on the Cover Design for Dieselpunk: An Anthology

August 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

Chris and I are currently working on the design for the Dieselpunk cover.

Our idea is to make a fake newspaper front paper with blurbs related to each story. The blurbs would not be spoilers, but, instead, focus on elements of the story not elaborated on by the authors.

Here’s an example of one of our “news stories”:

Fossils Found at Sycamore Ridge Coal Mine

Excavators at the recently closed Sycamore Ridge Coal Mine have found what they believe to be are the oldest fossils on record. The fossils were discovered while the team explored a recently re-exposed natural shaft which had been previously closed during a cave in. Said Phillip Howard, the excavation manager: “These fossils are unimaginable in their otherness.”

Once the front page for the broadsheet is laid out, we’ll be printing it out on some old pulp style paper Chris found. Getting a laser printer to actually print on these is a little tricky due to its thinness, so we’ve had to tape the paper to a sheet of normal printing paper before we feed it through.

Then we’re going to take the printed page and artificially age it through exposure to sunlight, etc. and take a high-res picture of it, and use that picture as the basis for the cover. Chris and I still aren’t sure how this is going to turn out, mind you, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll look great.

If it doesn’t look great?

Well, then you go back to the drawing board. We’re not getting tattoos here, people, just taking a risk of extra time spent on a cover.

Also, if you want to read a preliminary review, check out David DeMar’s blog where he’s doing a short synopsis of each story. You’ll get an idea of why we wrote our Sycamore Ridge story the way we did, and why the excavator is named Phillip Howard.

2 responses to Working on the Cover Design for Dieselpunk: An Anthology


    Sounds like a swell idea!

    If that doesn’t work out I’d enlist that greatest of Dieselpunk artists Stefan ( to make your cover!


    Jack Philpott…

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