Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Summer/Fall 2012 Currently Free

August 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

Well, folks, taking a break from talking about Dieselpunk today to put a simple blurb about our newest PULP! anthology going Select on Amazon Kindle devices.

Today, and at some point in the future, Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Summer/Fall 2012 is free for your Kindle device (a $2.99 value, what a steal!). So, if you like short stories, and you like genre fiction, this book might just be your bag.

From the back cover:

This anthology is the fifth in a six volume series of Pulp inspired stories that run the gamut from science fiction to action adventure to western. Twit Publishing pledges to publish only what we are willing to read.


Wrench the Necronomicon from the hands of Confederate spies in the weird west yarrn Hillbilly Hell, escape the serpent’s lascivious kiss in Venom, and observe the alien abduction of Hazel Hogan.

Explore the gruesome caverns of The Devil’s Den, roam the apocalyptic badlands of the near future with God is in the Radio, and delve the ancient depths of Egypt’s oldest tomb in The Osiris Cult.

PULP! Summer/Fall 2012 contains the following stories:

Hilbilly Hell by Craig Gabrysch
Venom by David Ballard
The Second Ascension by Frank R Sjodin
Hazel Hogan by Sean C Wright
The Devil’s Den by Ethan Nahte
A Stiff Drink by David M DeMar
Austrasia Blues by W R McKay
God is in the Radio by Joseph Fitzhugh
Cigar Smoke by Chris O’Grady
Son of an Outlaw by Dave P Fisher
The Osiris Cult by Richard Jay Goldstein

All right, folks, I hope to have something more Diesely on Monday. Till then, enjoy the read!

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