Cover Image for Dieselpunk

August 29, 2012 — 3 Comments

Welcome to the world premiere of the “newspaper” image for our book Dieselpunk. This is a first draft, intended to give Chris and I an idea of how the overall image will look. So, please note that it’s far from complete.

See that big blank spot in the bottom right corner? Yeah. Clearly not complete.

Chris is going back to rearrange layout and pick another image or so. Missing is an article for Cocktails on the Streets of Bone, which I’m still reading through (hence no short blurb). Additionally missing is a general sense of column respect. Lots of words are running into other articles, escaping their columns like cats on a trail drive. This will also be remedied.

I do have to say, though, that Chris did an awesome job condensing the scale of a newspaper down. He went from a broadsheet down to 8.5 X 11 inches, but kept everything proportionate. Great job for an editor, right?

Also, once there is a final draft, one of you lucky Twit Publishing supporters will have a chance to get this framed and sent to you as a perk for contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. People will look at it hanging from your wall and say, “What’s this newspaper from?” And you’ll just say, “Some small town in West Virginia. Go ahead and read it.” And they’ll reply, “Who the hell is Dex Puncher?”

3 responses to Cover Image for Dieselpunk


    Please check out the Blaise Maximillian stories on my blog, should you ever want more.


    Hey guys! I just saw this. That’s AWESOME! Hey, if you’re giving one of these away would you sell others? I want one!


      The way we plan on doing it, there’d only be the one.

      Sorry, man!

      Now, if you want to contribute the amount of money for the kickstarter (when it starts), it’s yours. 😉

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