Dieselpunk: an Anthology

February 14, 2014 — 2 Comments

Okay, so if you’re here at Twit Publishing’s little carved out burrow in the web, you’re probably here because of this:



Am I right?

We just released this bad beast earlier in the week, and it’s doing really well despite us.

What do I mean by “despite us”?

Chris is going to pitch a fit that I’m telling you this, but he and I are (how do I state this politely?) really bad marketers. We make wonderful books that we feverishly enjoy (we have to if we’re going to read it ten-plus times), but we’re not publicity agents.

So, we got an intern for that. But, you know, interns are just interns. They don’t know a whole lot yet. We can teach her how to design books, do some of the publicity work, etc. She’s like a puppy that’s housebroken and can type. And get coffee, of course.

This means that you will begin to see Dieselpunk trickling out into the webs. We were more focused on the book for the last several months than anything else: more steak, less sizzle.

Time to get serious, though:

Here’s some of the big Q&As:

Why are you guys doing a Dieselpunk-centric book?

Chris and I have always loved the Diesel-era, and we think it’s a great, open genre to muck around in. I’ve talked to a lot of people who have wanted to define it in a very rigid way, with a focus on just diesel-engines, or world war II, or world war I, and so on, and I hate that. Mainly, I hate having other people what my taste should be like. I also think that every great genre out there worsens when you go “well, you can’t do that because it doesn’t fit the conventions of the genre.”

Know what? Screw that. Every great story out there has broken conventions, and it smashed them with a gleeful smile.

So, that’s why us. We like it. We saw that there weren’t any books doing what we wanted. So we stepped in.

Is Dieselpunk on .epub yet?

No. I’ve made a calculated effort to enroll it into Kindle Select, which precludes us from selling it through other digital-sellers. FOR THE TIME BEING. It’s worked on some previous titles, so we’re going to see if it’s a fit for Dieselpunk. If things don’t pan out, I will be moving it to all major booksellers sometime after the next 90 days.

What can I do to get it in another format?

I’ll cut you a deal. You buy the .mobi through Amazon (yes, it’s a great Satan, and Bezos is the whore of babylon), and I will help you in converting it to any other format you could possibly want. Pay unto Caesar, etc. before you get your pound of flesh.

Is the print version of the book worth it?

We’re going to post a video of the layout, etc, so you guys can get a “feel” for it. I spent sooooooo many freaking hours working on that book, and I think it’s beautiful, from the font choice and layout, to its silky-smooth cover. If I wasn’t already engaged to the most beautiful, wonderful woman I’ve ever met, the print version of Dieselpunk: an Anthology would have to use Craig-Begone Spray to keep me away.

So, yes. It’s very worth it.

Here it is in case you want to bite the bullet and purchase your very own.

It should also be available through most every online book retailer. We’re hashing out the details on getting them into bookstores. Patience.

Who are the Authors? What’s their favorite colors? What do you they like to eat? Do they eat?

All in due time. I’ll be putting some interviews up in the next few weeks.

2 responses to Dieselpunk: an Anthology


    I came across this book browsing Amazon and thought I would give it a try. Didn’t done yet, though. I think I’ll go for the paper version.
    I’m new to the dieselpunk genre, but I’m enjoying it a lot 🙂

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