If working with great authors is a measure of an author’s success, then Twit Publishing has been one of the most successful publishers ever. We love our authors and connecting them with their readers. Below are links to their pages. This information is not static, and as we receive more information we will update their sites.

John Richard Albers

Eric Anderson

David Ballard

Paul L Bates

J Boyer

Henry Brasater

D L Chance

David M DeMar

Dave P Fisher

Joseph Fitzhugh

Bill Freas

Craig Gabrysch

Richard Jay Goldstein

Slade Grayson

Leon Hammerstead

S C Hayden

Julie Jansen

David Jordan

Nick Keller

Davin Kimble

C Griffith Knowles

Kevin Lauderdale

Jennifer Loring

Charles Martin and Will Wenke

W R McKay

Ethan Nahte

Chris O’Grady

Robert Penson

Peter Michael Rosenberg

Barbara Savage

Frank R Sjodin

Matthew Staggs

Aric Sundquist

Tom Swoffer

Wes Unruh

Drew Wilcox

Sean C Wright

Cyril C Young, Jr.

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