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The last ten years have seen some freakishly drastic changes in the print and publishing industry. The two largest changes evident to the regular reading public are ebooks and digital magazines. They’ve completely altered the structure of a business model that was centuries old. Continue Reading…

The Editing Process

August 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today we’re going to talk about the most, I think so at least, integral process on putting a book together: Editing.

Mind you, the author should have gone through their story four or five times before it gets to the editor, but that doesn’t really mean much. There’s always errors. I’ve never seen a short story come through that’s perfect in every way. Continue Reading…

Like I said in the first post of this work series on Dieselpunk, Chris and I have made the decision to attempt our first Kickstarter on Dieselpunk: An Anthology. We think it’s a project that serves the community as much as ourselves, and hope that others will want to support our dream. Continue Reading…

Hey everyone. The blog post today is as much for writers as it is for everyone else. We’re going to talk about the submission process.

So far we’ve come up with a theme for our anthology and have decided on how we’re going to solicit submissions. Easy part done.

Now comes the fun/mind numbing portion: Continue Reading…

I’m actually busy being really hungover and putting  together the first reader proof of Dieselpunk: An Anthology, so I’m just going to post this video and walk quietly out of the room.


August 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve been a little remiss on posting to this blog, but I assure you that, I, Craig Gabrysch, am going to remedy that fact.

Seriously. Continue Reading…

I love/hate this time of year!

First of all, Twit’s offices (our little, old apartment) gets colder than a polar bear’s tits starting right around now. Last year we had the gas heater running full blast with a space heater blowing full on in the living room, and still only managed to get the temp to 55 degrees. Luckily, last winter was unseasonably cold, so we’re not likely to have a repeat.

Second of all, this is the time for re-examining the year that’s just passed. You go and poke through its remains with a stick, turning over both the good and icky parts, and try to see what was worth learning. It’s like a messy, primal vivisection of your previous mistakes and accomplishments. Or, at least the way you remember them.

(as a side note, isn’t it kind of interesting that people have stopped writing journals, instead turning to blogs? But blogs aren’t like diaries. You can’t put your real deep down, dark desires or true feelings about your boss, your family, job, love life on a blog. Because, well, this shit’s public. I mean, I can’t go back and look at Twit’s blogs and examine my year. These are all focused on the company, not on me personally. And, on top of that, I still can’t examine what’s really going on in the company. We keep stuff under wraps, the same way anyone else does. Am I right, or amiright?)

And, finally, this is the time for resolutions.

What a crappy word, right? Resolutions. Doesn’t even feel right in the mouth. Say it out loud with me. Resolutions.

But, like I said, this is the time for them. So here’s mine:

1. Release three more kick-ass anthologies. Two PULPS! And one Dieselpunk.

2. Release our first novel and a couple novellas.

3. Release a bunch of free short stories.

4. Grow the fan base.

5. Blog more.

6. Guest blog somewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to check your regular blog and see a post from yours truly?

7. Tweet more, even though I hate it.

8. Sleep less. Seriously, I like naps. A lot. I need to stop napping so much and, I dunno, sleep at night instead.

9. Finish my own novella. A couple, actually.

10. Start a diary. A real one, where I catalog day-to-day activities: “Wrote for an hour, argued with Chris about word choice in my short story for five hours, ate some green beans while crying softly for fifteen minutes. Napped.”

So, that’s it for me. Just a measly ten.

How about you guys? Do you have any? Or are you content to live your life exactly the way you have in the past?

Cause, if so, that’s lame. Real lame.

P.S. Did I mention all our stories are 99 cents now through most popular ereaders? I’ll post the links as soon as all the price changes have kicked in (in the meantime, here’s the kindle!)