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Here it is, folks! The newest cover for Dieselpnk: an Anthology.

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Kickstarter Part 2

September 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

So, I think we’ve come close to narrowing down the incentives portion of the Kickstarter for Dieselpunk: an Anthology. 

We went from 20 to 16. Whether these will make the final cut for the initial project start is still up in the air. A few of them would be on the higher end of expensive to create.

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Interior Images

August 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Yesterday, I promised I’d have some interior work done and ready to show you.

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Completely tapped out on blogging ideas today.

Currently working on the interior layout and trying to get reader copies in the hands of as many reviewers and writers as possible. We need cover blurbs, damnit!

I’ll be posting a short blog tomorrow with some mock-ups of what the interior may look like. I say may, because there’s no telling how we’ll tweek things between now and the some-day-soon when the book is released. I think what’s posted tomorrow will be a rough approximation of the look.

So, until then, I got nothing.

Welcome to the world premiere of the “newspaper” image for our book Dieselpunk. This is a first draft, intended to give Chris and I an idea of how the overall image will look. So, please note that it’s far from complete.

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