Leon Hammerstead

We lost contact with Mr. Hammerstead a few years back, and have continually received returned royalty checks every time we’ve tried to pay him. That said, this is what little we know about him:

Leon Hammerstead lives in an RV. He travels the country, often staying in national, state, or city parks. He writes a wide variety of stories, some focusing on his travels and others derivative of his own imaginings. He’s a quiet man. He was also more than mildly frightening the first and (thank God) only time we met him. He tried to buy Chris from Twit Publishing for a can of chili, then threatened to cut Craig when he didn’t take the deal.


Leon recently submitted a new story, one which will be included in the latest PULP!. According to him, and where his checks are going, he’s living somewhere in Florida. That’s about what we know.


The Hotel Ceres

Lance Astroflare and the Big Space Zombie Shake-Up

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