Slade Grayson

Slade Grayson is the author of numerous novels and short stories. He can be found at

From his Amazon Author page:

Slade Grayson first discovered a passion for writing at the tender age of…


Okay, seriously, does anyone read these things? Does anyone read an author bio and say, “Wow, he attended Harvard. I’d like to read his werewolf novel.” Would listing my work history inspire you, the unseen reader, to purchase my novels? I mean, it’s all about the story, right? You read a blurb about a novel and you decide that it interests you.

Well, for those of you who require such things, I will do my best to oblige:

I had a difficult childhood that was brightened considerably by a weekly supply of comic books and Bugs Bunny cartoons. My education was unremarkable. I never attended Harvard, although I drove by it once.

My work history was bleaker than a Russian winter: I sucked at just about every job I ever had, with the possible exception of when I worked in a video store. I excelled at that particular position because it consisted primarily of watching movies all day and pontificating to the customers on which ones were good and which ones were crap.

There came a time in my life when I realized that I had to decide what I wanted to do:

Should I aspire to become CEO of a major video rental company? Business stuff bored me, though. Should I become a lawyer? I did like wearing suits on occasion, but again, there’s the boredom factor. Should I become a doctor? No, I didn’t have enough patience (ha!).

I decided that I had been born with two talents in life, and after watching “American Gigolo,” I realized there were some things I would not do for money. So I decided to utilize my OTHER talent and become a writer instead.

I’ve written for various publications over the years, some under my own name and some under a different name. Read into that what you will.

I’ve written short stories, essays, news stories, and various criticisms of pop culture products and events. I’ve even delved into the ghostwriting field, but so far, the ghosts haven’t written back.

I like writing novels. I think I’m good at it. Other people have told me I’m good at it. People not related to me have told me I’m good at it.

Read the reviews of my books and decide for yourself. Read the first chapters (available on my website) or read sample pages here on Amazon.

If you would like to learn more about me or want links to my published work, visit my website — Or follow me on Twitter.

Oh, one more thing:

I am well aware that there is a DC Comics villain who has the same first name. But I had it first. So nyah!


Smooth as Sharkskin

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