Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Summer/Fall 2011

Print: $12.00 

Kindle Download: $.99 

This anthology is the third in a six volume series of pulp-inspired stories. Twit Publishing pledges to publish only what we ourselves are willing to read.


Fantastic Tales of Treachery and Danger!

Slay dragons in the space western A Stranger in Ferrview, unmask demon kings in Darmok and the Mermaids of the Sea, and take what you’re due in the crime noir Good Fences Make Good.

Outwit an enamored faerie princess in James and the Gentry, test your time traveling pinball prowess against Radon’s Daughter, and play cloak and dagger in A Reversal of his Fortunes.

PULP! Summer/Fall 2011 contains the following stories:

A Stranger in Ferrview by Frank R Sjodin

The Man in the Barn by D L Chance

Darmok and the Mermaids of the Sea by Ethan Nahté

Darwin’s Demons by S C Hayden

A Reason for Living by David M DeMar

Good Fences Make Good by Chris O’Grady

Wonderboy by Charles Martin and Will Wenke

James and the Gentry by Kevin Lauderdale

Radon’s Daughter by Julie Jansen

The Ball by C Griffith Knowles

A Reversal of His Fortunes by J Boyer

The Lone Rider by Dave P Fisher

Stirrings in Hell by Davin Kimble

Weep Not, Fair Freya, for I Will See You in Niflheim and We Will All of Us Be Dead by Robert Penson

ISBN/EAN13: 0984547754 / 9780984547753
Page Count: 252
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Language: English

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