Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! Winter/Spring 2013

Two Point Perspective PULP!WS2013VIOLET

Print: $12.00 

Kindle Download: $2.99 

Nook Download: $2.99 

This anthology is the final volume in a six book series of pulp-inspired stories. Twit Publishing embraces not only the styles inspired by the original Pulp genre, but also the price!


Astounding Tales of Carnage and Vengeance!

Reveal the hilarious mystery of why Even Clowns Know When to Cry, confront your phobias and psychoses in Shadow Spiders, and avenge your family’s honor in Monncussers and Monsters.

Protect your own future without leaving the present in Now Look What You Did, grow some peculiar produce during the Shoggoth Season, and fight injustice that cannot die in the town of Grace.

PULP! Winter/Spring 2013 cowtains the following stories:

Even Clowns Know When to Cry by John Kenyon

Covenants by Frank R Sjodin

Shadow Spiders by Thomas Alan Sandage

Starting Over by Dave P Fisher

Now Look What You Did by Brian Pinkerton

Mooncussers and Monsters by Heather Constantinescu

Heads and Toes by Conda V Douglas

The Cogtown Rag by David M DeMar

Shoggoth Season by Colin Timothy Gagnon

Notches by Ethan Nahté

Lance Astroflare and the Big Space Zombie Shake-Up by Leon Hammerstead

Grace by Craig Gabrysch

ISBN/EAN13: 1938035186 / 978-1938035180

Page Count: 280

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Language: English

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